Miézo 2 AC 2 USB extension cord power strip
Miézo pop-up lifting wireless charger with dual USB ports
Miézo indoor LED light
Miézo LED light strip customized length

About Us

Founded in June, 2012. We are focusing on creating intelligent living space and enhancing life quality. Through our observation, the most part of indoor space is furniture. It's a great medium to let your indoor space become intelligent. That is why we devote ourselves to designing series of electronic products combined with furniture, such as Power products, Dimmer, LED Lighting and Speaker.

Miézo is especially noted for its integrated production capabilities in electronic unit and systems. We not only provide customized service, but also care about user experience and safety. All Miézo electronic products have met the MET US & Canada and UL standard.

Our goal is to provide the best services with our creativity and sincerity to every Miézo product owners.


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